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OUR KEY STAFF – “the dream makers”

Owner run and managed, our vivacious team comprises of young, ardent professionals focused unequivocally on our customers, imbued with an attitude of care and a determination to guarantee our clients the ultimate Southern African experience!


Louise Leach (neé: von Landsberg)
(Aka - Patience)

Mobile: +264 (0) 81 250 7412
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Cycling through the desert, canoeing rapids, sand boarding dunes, zip-lining forests, she has done it all, and where Louise goes others want to follow……..if they’re brave enough!
Originally from Zimbabwe, Louise started her career in Tourism at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. She has since expanded her knowledge and experience of tourism in various fields including Car Hire, Air Charter, Lodge Management, Wholesale and Retail, Tour Operator and Marketing.
It was her love for nature and adventure, and of course Africa, that led her to establishing New African Frontiers in Namibia.
Louise’s intimate knowledge and understanding of Southern Africa and the tourism industry, together with her passion and dedication to service excellence, are reflected throughout the company and echoed in the feedback from clients.

Alice Betteridge
(Aka - Ebony)
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Like the rest of her colleagues Alice has also travelled extensively overseas and explored across borders; but still chooses this side of the world!
“I’m not a keen sportsman but a very good sport.” Known as the office comedian; Alice will light up your day and make you laugh out loud. Her clients quickly become friends as she is ferociously dedicated to taking care of her ‘guests’. Alice loves entertaining friends and family with brilliant dinner parties, and this creative flair along with her enthusiasm and welcoming warmth endears her to all.
ALICE SAYS: “There is a German song that says: “Once the Namibian sun burns into your heart, you’ll never want to leave.” (and believe me – it shines everyday with all its might!) . The most fascinating about this country is how “a whole lot of nothingness” all around can be soooo stunning!!"
Whether you enjoy the warmth of the campfire or the luxury of superb accommodation, New African Frontiers offers something for everyone, and Alice will help you make those dreams come true!

Shandri Viljoen
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She strives to make every client’s holiday a perfect, unforgettable experience. And planning is her super power. Born in Windhoek, Shandri either spends her time training for some challenging running event or you will find her in nature when not planning new adventure’s for her clients, as well as for her friends and family. Shandri is the company’s in-house buddying “master chef”, her passion for food is rivalled only by her love for travel.
WHY I LOVE NAMIBIA...."I love Namibia because of its endless beauty and the way it can bring you to a complete standstill with its “ahhh” moments. Moments of silence where you are reminded to smile, appreciate and be grateful for everything you have."
Shandri's tour itineraries are not only creative and imaginative but she takes such care it’s as if she were going along for the ride.

Deborah Kakonge
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With a Bachelor Degree in Travel and Tourism, Deborah revels in the deeper personal connections she can make through tourism with people from different parts of the world. Deborah fiercely loves Namibia and its people, and loves to share this passion with all her clients.
Multi tasker, multi lingual and multi-talented, Deborah will make sure the client gets what the clients want.
WHY I LOVE NAMIBIA..... "Namibia is simply unique. My favourite place in Namibia is none other than Swakopmund. I just like the ocean and the splendid dune landscapes ‘adventure’ I have loved every minute of being in Namibia."
This pint sized dynamo keeps it all together and on course, and if you have ever missed placed anything……..Deborah will know where it is.



We understand that a safari guide is one of the most important factors to a successful safari. All our guides are therefore qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge and passion for their specific country or region and field and have the ability to convey this to our guests.

NEW AFRICAN FRONTIERS' service is a true reflection of the combination of wide-ranging industry experience, destination knowledge, familiarity of the region and its people and above all passion, dedication and care.

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